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Welcome! We have some exciting information for you on the subject of couples counseling, relationship therapy, sexual problems and general mental health services. Dr. Piché has been providing assessment and therapy services for 22 years and looks forward to assisting you in reaching your goals.

Dr. Piché is a Registered Psychologist, sex therapist and marital therapist with her main practice in South Surrey specializing in sexual problems and couples counselling. Whether you are looking for psychological services for yourself, a loved one, couples counseling, or a sex therapist to help with sexual problems, Dr. Piché will address your questions expertly.

Dr. Piché offers treatment approaches including cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) as well as eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) to assist you in improving your mental health.

Dr. Piché accepts ICBC referrals.

Dr. Piché also offers help to professionals seeking assistance for their clients, having particular expertise as a forensic psychologist. We hope to address your questions and concerns.

Please feel free to explore the different topics outlined on this website:

  • Marriage Therapist, Couples Counselling, and Relationship Therapy
  • Sexual Problems, Sexual Addiction, and Porn Addiction
  • Forensic Psychology, Court-ordered assessments,
    Pre-sentencing assessments, Court-ordered treatment
  • Addictions, Personality Disorders, General Psychological Concerns
    including Mental Health Concerns
  • Research

Whether you have sexual problems and need a sex therapist, or you need couples counseling in South Surrey, Dr. Piché will assist you skilfully and with care. She assists couples and individuals who wish to address their relationship and sexual problems, as they can benefit greatly from couples counseling or the advice of a sex therapist. Couples counseling has a lot of benefits: it can offer you relationship skills, and couples counselling can help with finding new ways of resolving issues.

Dr. Lyne Piché is a Registered Psychologist and sex therapist working in South Surrey. She is registered with the College of Psychologists of British Columbia (#01467). Dr. Piché offers couples counseling and other mental health services in Canada. She is available for international enquiries as these relate to assessment and workshop requirements.

Located in South Surrey, British Columbia, Dr. Piché offers psychological treatment services to individuals and couples who are struggling with sexual issues. Topics include sexual preoccupation, sexual dissatisfaction and sexual dysfunctions.

General clinical concerns including mental health, addictions and personality disorders are also welcomed. She is also serving Langley, Mission and Chilliwack.

As a forensic psychologist, Dr. Lyne Piché’s services include Court-ordered psychological assessments and treatment services, as discussed under Forensic services.

You are encouraged to contact Dr. Piché for further information specific to your needs, may it be sex advice, sexual therapy in general, or any other mental health concerns you might have.

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Regarding release of information : If information is requested about somebody who is a client of mine, I can only release information if there is an up to date signed consent form and if I have the information that you are requesting. If requested information is not released, there are many possible reasons which may include: I do not have permission to release this information, this person is not a client of mine, information released may breach the confidentiality of somebody else, information released may breach the confidentiality of a published test, I do not have the information that is being requested, if the person has withdrawn consent for any reason, if the consent provided does not cover the information requested. Please see policy page for additional information about office policies.

Please see policy page for additional information about office policies.

My goal is to assist you in your efforts to improve your life!
Please contact me to discuss your personal requirements in more detail.

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I offer both online and in person sessions. In person sessions :

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