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Are you looking for a counsellor in South Surrey? Then look no further!

Dr. Lyne Piché is a Registered Psychologist with many years of counselling experience, serving the region of South Surrey. Counselling couples is one of Dr. Piché's specialties.

Dr. Piché also specialises in sexual problems, addictions, and forensic counselling. In South Surrey, people seek the advice from counsellors for many different reasons; Dr Piché can help with several.

Dr. Piché specialises in counselling in the South Surrey region for:

  • Marriage counselling, couples therapy, and relationship counselling
  • Sexual problems, sexual addiction, and porn addiction
  • Forensic psychology, court-ordered assessments,
  • Pre-sentencing assessments, court-ordered treatment
  • Addictions, personality disorders, general psychological concerns including mental health concerns

At her South Surrey counselling practice, Dr. Lyne Piché welcomes people with all types of problems or questions related to mental health. She is able to cover a wide range of therapy topics and she will make you feel comfortable, even if you feel nervous or apprehensive about seeing a Psychologist.

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