Forensic Services

Forensic Services


Forensic Psychologist

I have provided forensic assessment and treatment psychological services for 25 years. I provide forensic services to organizations, government agencies and to individual clients. These services include: Court-ordered assessments, Pre-sentencing assessments, Court-ordered treatment services, Pre-sentencing treatment services as well as expert testimony in the field of Sexual Behavior, Sexual Offending, Violent Offending and Risk of Recidivism.

My experience in both federal and provincial correctional facilities has allowed me to develop an excellent understanding of the correctional environment in Canada. I have also provided treatment services to various government agencies.

I offer workshops focused on various aspects of Forensic Psychology including risk assessment, sexual offender assessment and treatment, and effective interviewing strategies. Please contact me to discuss workshops tailored to your specific needs.

If you have concerns about a safety risk for a child or a vulnerable adult, you must contact the Ministry for Children and Family Development (MCFD) who will assess the risk to vulnerable people in our community. As a treatment provider, I have an obligation to report to MCFD any concerns about the safety of a child or a vulnerable adult. I cannot provide risk assessments to treatment clients.

Please see policy page for additional information about the office policies.

I look forward to assisting you in resolving your concerns, improving your life and reaching your goals!