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General Mental Health

Psychologists offer a science-based practice in order to provide you with the most effective and efficient ways to resolve your problems.

CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) can help you change your behaviors by teaching you new skills, focusing on your thinking patterns and addressing your emotions management in healthier ways.

Dr. Piché can assist you to address your general clinical concerns including mental health, addictions and personality disorders. Do you struggle with anxiety or depression? Are you struggling with addictions? Do you repeat the same mistakes over and over again? Are others concerned about your mood and/or your behaviors? Dr. Piché can assist you to find better ways to cope with your mental health concerns.

Do you need psychological services? Taking the time to explore your personal difficulties is the first step to determining how to solve your problems.  Speaking to a Registered Psychologist can be very helpful in deciding what you want to address and improve in your life.  This problem exploration guide can help you to summarize your thoughts about your current difficulties or concerns.  Text created by Dr. L. Piché. Problem Exploration by Dr. Piché.pdf

Learning to better manage your thinking is an important part of psychological health.  Here is an outline that discusses frequent thinking errors which people tend to make.  These can negatively impact your relationships, your decisions and your ability to solve problems effectively.  Stemming from cognitive therapy techniques, identifying poor thinking patterns is an essential part of improving your mood, your relationships, and yourself.   Original text created by Dr. J. Hanley, J. Lukjanczuk and Dr. L. Piché (2010). Learning about thinking.pdf

Learning to better manage your relaxation, breathing and anxiety is also an important aspect of psychological health.  Here is one example of meditation instructions which you may find helpful.  Text summarized by E. Reeh taken from Cormier, W.H. & Cormier, L.S. (1991). Interviewing strategies for helpers. Brooks/Cole: Belmont, CA.  Instructions for Meditation by E. Reeh.pdf

There are also many interesting self-help books available which may assist you in your quest for better psychological health. 

Clients who wish to address general clinical concerns including general mental health concerns, such as anxiety, depression, addictions and personality disorders are welcomed.

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