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Your sexual health is important.  I am a psychologist and sex therapist, whose practice is focused on resolving issues as they pertain to sexuality and sexual issues.  Some people struggle with specific problems as they relate to sexual functioning (for example, achieving orgasm, erectile difficulties, ejaculation difficulties or pain during intercourse).  These problems can negatively impact your sexual pleasure and sexual satisfaction.  Others suffer from a low desire and a lack of interest in sex. This problem can be a significant source of anxiety and conflict within your relationships. Furthermore, others struggle with being preoccupied by sexual thoughts, engage in too many sexual behaviors or engage in risky sexual behaviors.  This is sometimes referred to in the media as sexual addiction.  Being preoccupied with sexuality can lead to difficulties within your relationships, employment and can eventually lead to problems with the law.  Struggles with your sexual identity, sexual preferences or sexual orientation are also important issues which I welcome in my practice.

My practice focuses on sexual issues, in part, because I believe that it is essential to have positive, healthy sexual activities.  As difficulties within your sexuality can negatively impact both you and your relationships, addressing these concerns is important.  

Issues as they relate to sexuality are specific to your own personal circumstances. Please contact me to discuss your current concerns as they relate to your sexual life. I provide sex therapy in South Surrey, BC. See policy page for additional information about our office policies.

Here are some information sheets which I created to assist you in exploring some sexual topics.  Please click on the following links for more information.

a) Sexual Preoccupation - When we are talking about sex and sexual behaviors, "How Much is Too Much"?  Read for more information as it relates to sexual preoccupation (a.k.a sexual addiction).

how much is too much sexual preoccupation.pdf

b) Sexual Consent - What is necessary to obtain sexual consent? It is essential to obtain sexual consent in all sexual interactions. Often, essential elements of consent are missed.  This can lead to significant problems within your relationships as well as with the criminal justice system.  Basic elements of consent is important information for all individuals who are venturing into the world of dating and sexual contact within their realtionships.   Read on for more information. 

sex and consent.pdf

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