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 Couples Counseling

Relationships are an important part of our psychological functioning.  Being able to establish, maintain and terminate relationships in a healthy manner requires skills which, hopefully, will improve throughout your lifetime. Establishing relationships can be difficult in a very technologically driven society.  Increasing skills to create positive friendships, make good choices within your social relationships and to allow yourself to be open to others are first steps to creating healthy relationships.  

Maintaining relationships requires a willingness to be vulnerable with another human being.  Avoiding superficial relationships and truly sharing with another person is a healthy goal for most people.  Achieveing this goal and positively maintaining an intimate relationship can be very difficult due to competing tasks which increase over time such as child rearing and employment. Many couples find that they benefit from activities which assist them in maintaining a positive relationship.  You are encouraged in your efforts to live happy and fulfilling relationships with others.

In my practice, I welcome individuals or couples who wish to address relationship issues through couples counselling.  Whether the goal is to increase the intimacy within your relationship, decrease conflict within your relationship or address outstanding issues which limit your ability to establish a positive relationship, psychological intervention may assist you in achieving your goals.

Please contact me for further information on relationships or to discuss your own personal relationship goals through couples counseling. See policy page for additional information about our office policies.

Here is some information that I created to help you explore various elements of intimacy and relationships. Please read for further information.

a) Intimacy, Sexuality and Relationships.  How do we manage and maintain intimacy within an established relationship?  Intimacy is defined as closeness between partners, sharing personal thoughts, feelings and emotions within a relationship.  The importance of intimacy is the ability to create a relationship where partners are vulnerable, open and allowing each other to truly know one another.  This intimacy can increase throughout a relationship or it can fade over time.  Busy schedules, child rearing and work stress can limit opportunities to establish intimacy within our relationships.  The following link discusses these topics in more detail.

The importance of intimacy in sexual satisfaction.pdf

b) Sexual behaviors can change over time within your relationship. How does aging impact sexuality?  Sex and aging explores the time after retirement as it pertains to sexual behaviors and sexual activities.   It is a myth that older adults no longer explore and enjoy their sexuality.  For some, retirement brings increased conflicts about sexual behaviors and the level of sexual activity within the relationship.  It is important to resolve these conflicts in a way which honours the needs of both partners.  Read on for more information.

sex and aging.pdf

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